We provide Product and Software engineering solutions to drive growth through innovation to our customers
Staying ahead of the technology curve in highly competitive markets demands innovative products with quicker adaptation to the changing market environment. w5rtc understands the challenges faced by most product development companies around the world. We offer Product and Software engineering solutions to transform and thrive in changing world for our customers to succeed while saving precious dollars.

w5rtc address the needs of customers across the lifecycle of products from concept to development to launch to end-of-life. We leverage our skills across industries, functions, technologies and agile development methodologies to provide world-class solutions with strategic insights on what lies ahead for those who stand ready to seize them.
Our Solutions
  • w5rtc-applications
    Build applications with confidence
    w5capi comes with many product usecase examples. We can help them to covert in to your own product that suits your own needs. That is your product from ours in no time
  • Multi-device, Multi-features
    Enrich your branded desktop, web and mobile applications running in any device with face-to-face communication features that are globally reachable
  • Call and Contact Center Solution
    Integrate your help desk with powerful real-time features and call controls such as record calls in your own cloud or servers for training and lawful intercept purpose
  • Real-time Multiplayer Games
    Enhance you single-user gaming product to real-time multi-user, multi-device and multi-location gaming product with HD quality and deploy on the cloud
  • Turn Customer experience into $
    Enrich the CRM sales, marketing and support applications with voice and video communication. Improve communication. Generate new leads. Increase your sales
  • Improve work efficiency
    Say "Good bye" to heavy road traffic and wait time. Healthcare, education and government professionals now can provide effective online consultation service within their business application
  • Phenomenal Shopping Experience
    By providing catered face-to-face collaboration environment, retailers can bring the best online shopping experience to their customers. Convert shoppers to buyers
  • Recruit right people
    Using face-to-face video for screening and online interviews helps to find the right candidate for the job while also reducing costs. Learn how w5rtc can help with local and remote online meetings!
  • Didn't find yet ?
    Feel free to drop us a line or talk to us to learn more about how w5rtc can provide solution you need that comes with bonus TCO and TTM that exceed your expectation. We do impossible!
WebRTC for OTT
To deploy OTT WebRTC service requires signalling server infrastructure to setup end-to-end call, and STUN/TURN server infrastructure for traversing NAT to establish peer-to-peer media path. We provide custom solution to design and deploy these servers in cloud or on-premise.
WebRTC for Telecom
WebRTC Gateway, Media Gateway, Application server and Media Server bridges telecom VoIP and IMS networks with an open ecosystem of internet networks to deliver interoperable rich multimedia communication services to a single or multiple users. We offer software engineering development and testing solutions to telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers.
Network Function Virtualization
Telecom network operators are adopting NFV and SDN technologies to reduce cost, share resources, speed up time-to-market and facilitate rapid innovation similar to IT and Web industry. This is done by implementation of software based network functions that run on industry standard hardware's. We work on advanced techniques such as hypervisor, cloud stack, open flow, Intel DPDK and SR-IOV with our customers to achieve high performance Virtual Network Functions (VNF) that can be deployed on virtual IMS, EPC and backhaul networks.
M2M enables both wired and wireless devices to communicate other devices of the same type. It is considered as an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and brings several benefits to business. It includes wide range of applications such as smart grid, smart cities, health etc. We leverage WebRTC real-time communication stack to enable M2M communication based applications solution to our customers.
5th Generation (5G) Mobile Network
We thrive to learn and work on tomorrow's technology! 5G wireless networks deployment will emerge between 2020 and 2030 and the goal is to support multi-fold gains in capacity, connections for at least 100 billion devices, and a 10 Gb/s individual user experience. Research and testing on various technology options is ongoing already now, and we appreciate co-operation with leading enterprises to be part of this early initiative.
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