Application Programmable Interface (API)

Application Programmable Interface (API)  enables communication and data exchange between two software systems. The software system may be an independent application in a monolithic architecture. For example – Integrating messaging application in another e-commerce application via API.

The software system may be a microservice that communicate and data exchange with another microservice within an application in a microservices based architecture.  For example – Integrating multiple software systems or microservices such as billing and ordering via API to build an e-commerce application. Please note once the same e-commerce application can also have another microservice in it that supports API to interact with or to integrate with any 3rd party application such as messaging application.

An application at its abstract level made up of three essential software systems or microservices that ideally should be able to work and communicate in a segmented way. So, reusability and portability of microservices to another application or swapping within the application is possible.

Data software system: The microservice that stores, retrieves and updates data from storage such as database and file systems. This layer may be made of API so that other microservices can perform data operations.

Business logic software system: The microservice that is responsible for making the decision, processing data, processing commands and more. It is the brain of the application that implements the complete workflow and logic of the application. This layer is made of the API.

Presentation software system: The user interface microservice which is the top layer of the application, which translates tasks into something the user understands and see it via the graphical user interface.

The business logic software system is the brain of an application. In other words, the API is the brain of our connected world that allows everything to work together in a streamlined and integrated way.

Therefore, API development and testing are crucial to enable work in the most optimal way. Not thoroughly developing and testing API means it not only break a single application but a chain of business processes hinged to it.

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