DevOps and TestOps for Entrepreneurs with TestOnNeed

Entrepreneurs when sparked with due diligence for a new product or service, the start-up is born. So is the emergence of the number of challenges after that. The experienced entrepreneurs admit going to the market fast within the budget is the key to success. However, the journey has proven many that to achieve success is extraordinarily complex. Among its complexity challenges, successful entrepreneurs to be efficient and to be fast in product development life cycle (PDLC) must have faced and overcome:

1.    Saving weeks or even days of time getting my product up and working in the cloud (AWS) is imperative, but how do I get help with DevOps?

2.    Writing code as a side-project or with a small and focused team is manageable, but how do I get help with testing and automation TestOps?

Not all entrepreneurs get it right all the time. As an experienced entrepreneur, we all have been through frustration in discovering the right trusted individual (freelancer) or a partner (company). Even if found and despite paying high costs, many of us may have gone through challenges such as accountability, delivery, quality, reliability and overall efficiency. The worst of it all is attrition and unfaithfulness.

If you are a new or experienced entrepreneur experiencing such challenges and yet in search of a solution, the ‘TestOnNeed’ is the ‘Good News’ for you all. While your core developers are building the product and release cadence, we TestOnNeed take care of ‘DevOps and TestOps.’

To know more how we helped like Entrepreneurs:

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