DevOps with TestOnNeed – What it is?

In software product companies the teams are divided into ‘development’ and ‘operations’. There are always conflicts between the two concerning innovation and timely delivery of the product, leading to a loss of productivity, time and quality products. The solution to this problem is “DevOps”.

DevOps bridges this gap between the two teams. It allows open communication between teams, which minimizes downtime and helps resolve issues faster. It increases productivity and high-quality product releases. It focusses on standardizing developing environments and automating delivery processes to improve delivery predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability. It provides developers more control of the production environment and a better understanding of the production infrastructure.

The guiding principles of DevOps include culture, measurement, automation, and sharing. The DevOps culture creates a fast and stable workflow through the development and operations. Its main goal is to deploy features into production quickly and to detect and fix problems when they occur without disrupting other services. The biggest advantage is automation ‘Continuous Delivery’. Each piece of code being run through tests and packaged into successful builds and moving together into production using automation deployment. Another contribution to automation is ‘Configuration as Code’. Like the developer that creates modular applications for better reliability and maintenance the same can be done for hosting an infrastructure. Whether in the cloud or in a company’s own network, this can reduce compatibility issues and increases reliability and the repairing of a compromised server is faster.

How is it achieved? DevOps is a set of tools such as git, gerrit, maven, cucumber, ansible, jenkins and more. These are practices that automate the processes between software development and operations teams.

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