Hardware and Embedded – RF Signal Attenuator Development


  • Develop low cost RF signal attenuator that attenuate signals up to 90dB with RF frequency range (0 to 6GHz) in 2G& 5G Wi-Fi signal testing


  • Delivered using FPGA interface connected to host processor interface via glue logic, and Hybrid dielectric PCBs using Rogers +FR4 material were fabricated
  • Implemented and tested using tools (OrCAD Schematic, PADS PCB, FloTHERM, SolidWorks) and Instruments used (Network Analyzer, Agilent VSG, Temperature chamber, Power meter, Spectrum analyzer, Shield boxes room (Rx sensitivity testing)

Customer Benefit

  • High accuracy and linearity
  • Minimized RF signal loss and substrate leakage
  • Considerable savings in cost and space


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