Center of Excellence

We are proud to be an international reputation for the Center of Excellence (COE) in the art of digitally transforming clients to deliver the best product fast at scale by enabling digital strategy, digital innovation, digital intelligence, and digital engineering across industries, technologies and end-to-end Product Life Cycle (PLC).

Hardware Engineering COE

We provide expert services from prototype to development, re-engineering, optimization, certification, and compliance for IoT sensor and gateway, ASIC/SoC/FPGA RTL, board design and selection, BOM optimization, mechatronics motor selection, load analysis, and motion control.

Cloud and Automation COE

Our services span from source code, to build, code quality, test, infrastructure, deployment and configuration management to enable zero-touch automation, cloud-agnostic, CICD DevOps pipeline, NFV/SDN, virtualization, container, serverless, stateless, and microservice solutions.

Software Engineering COE

We offer 360-degree services from Firmware to HAL, middleware, database, and application (web/mobile/API desktop HMI) for Embedded, imaging, video, security, surveillance, telematics, diagnostics, stack development, porting, optimization, on-premise, and cloud.

Analytics and AI/ML COE

We provide AI, ML, deep learning, and neural network solution from architecture to inductive learning, fuzzy logic, data set generation, training, and optimization for visualizing, tracking, reporting, predicting, prescribing, diagnosing, and taking corrective actions.

Testing and Monitoring COE

We help with assurance solutions, including Infrastructure, network, service/application, QoE, SLA, MTTR compliance, quality engineering, consulting, audit, automation, test suites, ALM Implementation, RPA, framework development, benchmarking, L2-L4 support, and TestOps.

Digital Consulting COE

We help organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services, and experiences they offer by digital strategy, digital innovation, digital intelligence, and digital engineering across industries, technologies, and product life cycle.