As industries converge and new industries emerge, we combine tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change, deliver results, and shape industries' future.


We leverage breakthrough solutions on imaging, video, security, surveillance, telematics, diagnostics, machine vision-based ADAS, body electronics, infotainment systems, behavioral monitoring, and geo-tracking to meet customer needs of comfort, convenience, performance, and enhanced safety.


We combine technology and processes to enrich the customer experience, transact in multiple ways, and maintain your competitive advantage. With our innovative solutions, we cater to Retail Banking, Lending and Leasing, Cards and Payments, Asset and Wealth Management, Investment Banks, Stock Exchanges, and Life / General Insurances.


We help to change the future of education with exceptional connected learning and teaching experience through digital transformation, resilient systems, resilient processes, data analytics, trusted insights, smart operations, accelerating migration to the cloud, and artificial intelligence and virtual reality-based personalized learning.


We offer an array of service offerings for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Enterprises. We help reimagine new business models, rethink operational resilience, redesign new experiences, and create new value in the 5G revolution digital era.


We enable electricity, gas, water, and waste utility enterprises in the hyperconnected world to improve customer experience and operational excellence. We transform them by providing best-in-class digital strategy, innovation, intelligence, and engineering with our continuous investments on innovative ideas and solutions.


We empower healthcare through technology-supported innovative solutions and business strategies to navigate their digital journey of tomorrow, and to adopt an integrated approach for transformational healthcare with camera-based monitoring, Surveillance, remote diagnostics, and others to improve the experience across the value chain.


We help manufacturers adopt the Industry 4.0 framework to manufacture or re-manufacture smart products with our deep expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, ASIC/SoC/FPGA hardware engineering, motor control systems, IoT software electronics, intelligent robotics, asset management, and monitoring.