A perfect application testing solution

An Online ‘On Need’ Testing Platform and an Open Source Testing Ecosystem solutions for testing all application products that are customizable to meet your needs. The products include that run on the browser, that is controlled and managed through Application Programmable Interface (API) such as RESTful API, that runs on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, that runs on desktop platforms such as Windows, and that is automated and orchestrated for CDCI. We proudly call it EveryWeb, EveryAPI, EveryMobile, EveryDesktop, and EveryDevOps.

Test Design

From requirements, analyze, plan, design, script and create test cases using design tools such as Kantu, Postman, Parser, Editor, and Detector.

Test Execution

Execute functional and load test cases using execution tools such as Selenium, Newman, Appium, Geny motion, iPhone Simulator, and Winium.

Test Management

Automate, orchestrate, monitor, recover the test equipment/labs, test cases using management and DevOps tools such as Ride and Jenkins.

Test Analytics

Visualize and create meaningful insights into results, display results in 2D and 3D graphs using tools such as Kibana, Elastic Search, and Logstash.

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