Microservices, API, and DevOps with TestOnNeed

The end user or Business to Business (B2B) applications or products built for next-generation technologies such as IoT, Edge computing, AR/VR and AI are all migrating to microservices architecture for a reason. A microservice is a small, self-contained autonomous process that focuses on doing one task well. Examples are user login, billing, etc. The collection of such microservices communicate with each other via language-agnostic APIs such as RESTFUL API to form a broad complex application. The advantage of microservice architecture is that each of such microservices that are self-contained processes can be independently scaled up or down as many instances as needed without wasting of scaling up other microservices that are not required as much. The small part or parts of the application can be easily replaced or updated as needed in response to changing business requirements without the need to rebuild and redeploy the whole application. 

The strength of microservices also comes with its great challenges. The team responsible for developing microservices must ensure the performance of their microservices as well as its impact on the whole application from development through deployment through ongoing production. In other words, the team must ensure thorough testing of their microservices through RESTFUL API and must adopt TestOps and DevOps. We at TestOnNeed help organizations to characterize their microservice performance; as a result, their overall all application or product performance.

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