Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a term we all have heard before, but what is it precisely, and how is it different from other technologies?

Augmented Reality, also is known as Mixed Reality, is in its self completely different from Virtual Reality (VR). AR is not trying to cut out the real world or transport you to another but to enhance your real-world with a bunch of cool digital objects in it. When a person’s real environment is supplemented with computer-generated images, usually motion tracked, then that is AR. If you have played Pokemon go or have used Snapchat face filters, you have already used primitive forms of AR. In a nutshell, AR acts as a digital addition to the user’s world. For example, objects that appear on a table can be displayed in floating windows, and graphics can be generated with all seamless motion tracked to the user’s field of view.

Innovative thinking, creative solutions, and a strong combination of technical skills and visual acuity is a critical need for companies that are attempting to deliver business and consumer products, services, and content in this space.

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