Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality(VR) is a term we all have heard before, but what is it precisely, and how is it different from other technologies?

In simple terms, VR is a computer-generated simulation or a replacement of one’s environment. Virtual is “being something in effect, though not actually or in fact.” – Douglas Harper Etymology Dictionary (15 century). In other words, VR is an approximation of our reality that is digital but not true in itself. For example, you put on a headset, and it blocks out your worldview and substitutes it as a digital world that is designed to fool your senses (i.e.) your brain, and you are somewhere else. It’s a form of mental teleportation if you will.

In a nutshell, VR is entirely immersive with no real-world stimuli affecting the experience. The goal of VR is to make the user feel like they are, in fact, in another place. It directly affects the perceptions and processes of the human mind. The VR solutions must minimize these effects, ensuring that there is little to no discomfort to the user. VR is one of the most exciting technological advances at our disposal, and we should forever be fascinated and intrigued by what it can be capable of!

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