Test Automation – Mobile Application Testing


  • Our client looked for a reliable QA and testing service provider well equipped to assist in its foray into the mobile application management enterprise market dominated by the new technology and growing end-user expectations.
  • Size, budget, time limit, newer technology, and reliability of offshore testing partner put some serious challenges for our client before we took upon their project.


  • Delivered Robust system and integration tests across different devices and simulators.
  • Developed, generated and recorded the crash logs so that we could get closer to the bugs in short span of time.

Customer Benefit

  • Savings of costs by 60% due to extensive use of automation tools.
  • Our proficiency in performance engineering helped the client to get the best possible results for scalability, reliability, and sustainability
  • Testing on extra devices helped in ensuring more stable function of the product and catering to the extensive needs of mobile users.


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