TestOnNeed and Quillhash Team Up to Redefine Blockchain Security

Being efficient and fast is all about transformation and success is all about welcoming it. We at TestOnNeed, the trusted third-party partner, live only to create flawless software application products on-demand. We better the speed, scale, coverage, and quality of Blockchain, and assisting technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Thing (IoT), and Multi-Edge (Mobile) Edge Computing (MEC) software application products. We provide ready-to-go Hyperledger BTaaS end-to-end private blockchain solution with test plan that consists of 350+ automated testcases covering Installation, Infrastructure, business network and applications, and performance benchmarking.

Figure 1: QuillAudits – The Security Audit Platform

To redefine blockchain security standards and to provide end-to-end blockchain solution that includes both private and public blockchains, TestOnNeed teamed up with Quillhash, the blockchain consultancy, and development experts, to launch QuillAudits – The Security Audit Platform. The QuillAudits is a fully automated platform to verify smart contracts, DApps, protocol, and decentralized exchange to prevent security vulnerabilities that may harm our customer’s blockchain platform integrity.

As a trusted partner, we are engaged with some of the customers who benefit from our QuillAudits solutions as depicted in Figure 2. And, you may refer the example published security audit reports here and here

Figure 2: QuillAudits example customers

At TestOnNeed, we don’t just test, automate and DevOps; we make products better. Our ‘Testopers,’ do this by testing, automation, and DevOps with open sources using an open source testing ecosystem. We may be the best opportunity for your future business.

If you need additional information or have questions about our solutions or demo, pricing, and purchase, please reach out to us at sales@testonneed.com, and visit us to start your project at https:// testonneed.com

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