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Mobile Application Testing (MAT) is a process in which applications that are made for handheld mobile devices on platforms such as Android and iOS are tested for their functionality, usability, and consistency. Whether testing is performed using real mobile devices, simulators/emulators manually as well as via automation, the following minimum test coverage is vital for an on-time error-free product launch.

Functional testing – Does the application provide expected functional behavior by detecting the applications bottleneck?

Compatibility testing – How about physical characteristics, platform fragmentation, and the app store review guidelines?

Usability testing – Is the application easy to use?

Security testing – Have I secured my application from attacks and payment processing?

3rd party interruptions  How my application performs under external interferences such as incoming calls, turning Bluetooth on/off, etc.?

Performance testing – Does my application efficiently use system resources affecting memory usage, CPU performance, and interaction with a server in the cloud?

Network Connectivity – How my application function in different network types, different connection speed, and under low connection quality?

Let us understand a case study where Jaime, a startup CEO, wants to build a mobile application to sell her company products and services. She is in a hurry to meet a deadline committed to her Investors, and the development is ongoing at full speed. However, she could not put together an expert test team on time as well as could not purchase commercial mobile testing tools due to budget constraints. By the time she finds a solution for testers from her HR department, there won’t be enough time to test everything. So, she just deploys her app and launches it to the public with minimum testing. All goes wrong after that such as poor usability experience, high CPU and memory consumption, functional issues on different platforms and more. 

Do you want to be Jaime? I know that you do not want to be her. So, register your mobile application, testing project requirements today at 

TestOnNeed, created for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Enterprises to test software products and solutions ‘on need’. Our customers know that the secret to success is “Win fast or Fail fast within allocated Budget”. We help them to attain success by providing expert advice, using open source testing tools augmented by highly skilled software testing resources for both tactical short-term and strategic long-term testing goals. Whether the testing task is an hour, a day, a month, a year or multiple years, we offer the solution for all ‘on need’. As a result, we save costs and time for our customers, by them not employing full-time test resources and by not spending on commercial test tools.

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